Drop-off is between 8-8:25 AM. Doors are locked until 9:30 AM for morning circle.

Pick up is anytime after 3:30PM until 4:45PM. Late feed start at 5PM.

Only 15 minutes each way! 30 minutes round trip.

Yes, we follow the South Summit School district calendar.

The Montessori education system is based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori. She was the first woman to graduate as a doctor of medicine in Italy at the turn of the century. She began working with poor children, establishing a school, or “Casa de Bambini”, which provided a child-oriented environment in which the children worked on specific skills such as buttoning, sweeping, reading and math. This class of underprivileged children soon exceeded the goals for children in the traditional schools. The Montessori Method today is world-wide and very much the same as it was 100 years ago. Toggle Content

We have a family license through the State of Utah.

We are not able to provide transportation for school age children.

Yes, they are available upon request.

Structured, we have monthly themes, weekly plans as well as daily lessons. We are very structured but do allow time for learning through play. 

Yes, we try to keep everyone updated a couple times a week. If you are in the infant/ toddler room you will be updated daily.  We use a free app called HiMama, where we will post updates, pictures and for the infant and toddlers we keep track of potty, diapers, food, bottles and naps.

We offer to take children as young as 8 weeks old and up till Kindergarten (5 years old)

No, you provide a morning and afternoon snack, lunch and water bottles.

We have hikes in the Uinta’s, Midway, and we have some great hikes we like in Oakley.

Yes, hopefully with a vaccine out we have to opportunity to go on more this summer.

I provide car seats. All are 5 point harnesses.