4 – 5 Years

Pre-K Program

Stepping Stones believe in mixed aged classes. The younger students learn from the older students and the older retains more by teaching the younger class. Our Pre-K program is designed to provide stimulating experiences where children can learn through their own inquisitiveness. The classroom provides a large variety of hands-on materials for art, music, language and science activities geared to little hands and are also introduced through developmentally appropriate small and large group times. The classroom promotes both teacher directed and supported activities as well as child-led activities. Staff works with children to support toilet training, good eating habits, and developmentally appropriate growth and development. 

Our teachers offer the nurturing, warmth, and patience that are essential for this age group. We use music, movement, sensory tables, drama, imaginative play and art to explore our academic curriculum. We believe the “journey” is as vital as the destination, using a process over product, age-appropriate philosophy.

Our curriculum, Funshine Express, is designed to actively engage each child in developmentally age-appropriate activities that explore the content of literacy, language, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, and technology. Teachers prepare curriculum that is exciting and challenging, supporting children to use critical thinking skills to make sense of the world around them.